Where to go for more information

This tutorial has been the briefest of introductions to using git. Hopefully, you have enough to get you started and to encourage you to use a Version Control System when you are developing software.

If you want to use git as your VCS, you will undoubtably need access to more detailed information.

The following is a list of references that I have found useful in using git and preparing this tutorial:

General information

  • git help is always a good place to find out how to use the various git commands.

  • The official git website.

  • An intro to git by C. Titus Brown. A short tutorial written by one of the Software Carpentry folks.

  • bitbucket and github both provide useful tutorials on using git and using their public repository hosting services.

  • Pragmatic Guide to Git by Travis Swicegood, 2010, ISBN-13 978-1-934356-72-2. This is a gentle introduction to using git.

  • Pragmatic Version Control Using Git Also by Travis Swicegood, 2008, ISBN-13 978-1-934356-15-9. This covers using git in more detail.

  • Version Control with Git by Jon Loeliger, 2009, ISBN-13 978-0-596-52012-0. This is a definitive text that gets into the fine details: a really good book for someone who wants to become a git power user.

  • The git wiki